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Asset and wealth protection and planning for men in divorce and separation.

Mine is a subversive business. I am totally prejudiced, one sided and one sided only; I work in the UK, Europe and the USA representing men - only men. Read my profile and you'll see my primary objective is asset protection for the male species! Thats what I specialise in, Asset Protection Planning and privacy for men.

I had a wake up call when my wife and I broke up and she engaged a Rotweiler of a Lawyer. I got a letter from them threatening me with an injunction the same day as she and I had arranged to go to counselling to try for reconciliation. That was just the beginning of the worst two years of my life. I had been married for 18 years, children, mortgage, partnership in a top 25 City Law firm in London. For the next 6 months I spent every night with my Legal team, usually until 2 or 3 in the morning drafting affidavits, protecting assets and responding to the next risk of commercial castration by the constant threat of Injunction. It was awful. I realised very quickly that at that stage, in the middle of a divorce, it was too late to do divorce planning.

Eventually we settled down into what I call “normal” litigation; routine hearings, whining and name calling. The biggest surprise was how she did all those things that professionally I had known “other” women do, but because of the life we’d lived together I never believed she would do. I was wrong. I just wish I had done a little pre divorce planning or prepared a divorce and asset protection strategy before I got to that stage. Wealth protection doesn't just happen, it needs preparation. The irony is because of my professional work I could have given myself some excellent wealth protection advice BEFORE the s**t hit the fan, if I had known.

She started using access to the kids as leverage; she visited my blood family and tried to ruin my reputation with them, she even visited my business Bankers telling them we were about to go to court and she would be taking me for a lot of money, not something that gave them confidence in trusting me with continuance of Banking arrangements I had in place. Inside 48 hours I had lost over £2million in commercial facilities previously available to me. She did all this was while I was still meeting ALL the household expenses and paying the kids private school fees and her the same huge amount as when we had been together.

It became clear to me this was only about one thing, trying to extract continuing control over me. Even women you think you know will go for your balls via your wallet if you relationship goes sour. Hearing that from an experienced divorce lawyer is too late if he's acting for you at the time!!

I truly believe that most men are straightforward and simple in their approach. They are by nature rational beings but this means they are at a disadvantage in legal show-downs with an ex-partner. Whether it is insecurity or fear the woman will nearly always take the cautious approach as recommended by her divorce lawyer and go for the jugular so a man is left floundering, reacting rather than pro-actively planning for the war that will always follow a break-up. This can be fatal in the UK and the US which are two of the most unsympathetic legal systems from a mans point of view. Men often make the mistake of thinking that if they get a good divorce lawyer that is the best they can do and they'll be O.K. -WRONG!!!!! A lawyer, no matter how good, is only like a mortician, presenting corrupted flesh in the best way possible, they're not able to reverse the process to save anything!!

I left my partnership in the London firm and started “Doctor Ditcher”. I admit it is an obvious play on words, but it reflects my approach that men really need to wake up and smell the roses! If a man engages me I show him a number of simple strategies for asset and wealth protection and to preserve his privacy. Knowledge is key and I show men how to protect their privacy and deprive the woman and her lawyers of information. Divorce planning and divorce strategies must happen pre event to be most effective.

For some clients I am retained for two years to get them through what can be the roughest time of their lives. Sometimes I am the only person they can talk to openly. I try to be a man’s one true friend. I give help for men, including asset protection secrets and strategies, sometimes off-shore.

I treat all my clients with the same degree of confidentiality as if I were still a lawyer. Also, it is important my involvement remains unknown or it could lead to a woman going back to court in a fishing expedition. Knowing I am involved means they know the man is protecting his ass!

Most of my clients are ordinary men, usually professional or with good jobs or their own business and they just don’t want to hand over 50% or more to someone simply because they’ve been having sex with them for some years. Marriage isn’t meant to be like prostitution yet ironically, the courts increasingly treat it as a commercial relationship where if you didn’t negotiate the cost up front they say 50% of all you have sounds fair enough! Indeed if the court calculates a mans worth favourably to the wife and, for example, doesn’t take account of some liabilities because her lawyers successfully argue they shouldn’t, he can end up paying her more than 50%! This happens surprisingly frequently.

I can give divorce advice and tips, but many others give male divorce advice as well. Uniquely however I can advise how to hide assets and money BEFORE a divorce happens as well as helping through the whole divorce and relationship breakdown. This is a field where planning and preparation are vital. I have clients who know things are not good in their relationship, but working with me in the background they stay with their women until their affairs are prepared for D Day – “Ditch Her Day” as I call it!”

As a retired lawyer I can still advise in the background and help a man deal with his own legal team if lawyers are involved. No one understands a fox like a fox!

The legal process is like a game of chess. If you don’t move your men the right way they won’t be as strong in the game as they could be. To most lawyers you are just another case. If they can dispose of your case and get their fees for less effort, then have no doubt, they will! Sometimes you need to play your own legal team. You are the only person truly on your side, well, you and me! The best wealth protection advice I can give a man is to prepare before he thinks it is needed.

If you feel you need help, I can be the best friend you will ever have and the only one you really need;
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